Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My new addiction: Bobbles & Lace

So, I've recently fallen in love with a little boutique in Marblehead, MA. named Bobbles & Lace. Simply stepping into the shop, I get a fashion high. It truly is a fashionista's dream come true. They offer everything -- everything from priceless handbags, shoes, dresses, and jewelry. Extremely bright and welcoming, the shop is small, but quaint. And the owner, Lindsay Rando, is on a first name basis with most of her customers.

Bobbles & Lace has to be one of the best things to happen to Massachusetts, well, in regards to fashion that is. It's incredibly hard to find worthwhile clothing around here. Now, before you assume that I am putting the fate of Bay State fashion in the hands of one boutique, please note -- that I am aware Boston is not a total fashion failure. Yes, it offers a few great shops/boutiques in the city, but it seems I always feel the need to venture four long hours to New York to find what I'm really looking for, until I found B&L of course.. And the best part about Bobbles & Lace is that, although all of the clothing and accessories hail from sunny California, not one item in the entire shop is over $100. Can you believe it?! It's amazing, I know!

A few weeks ago, I attended to a fashion show at the little shop. So don't just take my word for it -- take a look at the pics I got..

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Anonymous said...

I ADORE Bobbles and Lace! Living in Marblehead, it's tough to find fun, funky, affordable clothes and accessories - this shop has it all and the women are so nice who work there. I just hope it survives this economy and doesn't close. It's so nice to know other people love it too!