Friday, October 24, 2008

How vintage!

Who wants to be a 50s pin-up girl? I do, I do! I have always
loved vintage art, clothing, and photography. It is just so classy and beautiful. Although this photo is of some of today's female celebrities, I find it to be extremely well done. I love the pastel colors and delicate poses the girls exhibit. Each one is very different in its presentation, and I truly admire the creativity and design, as well as the artistic inspiration expressed in each photo.

They look so shiny and pretty, dont they?

I guess I'll start by saying..

As I'm sure it will become increasingly obvious -- I'm new at this blogging thing. And I have no idea what to write. All I know is I want to write something, and I want it to be good enough for people to want to read it. I think this is a young writer's greatest dilemma -- establishing themselves as a writer worth reading, yet learning that it is OK to write for simply yourself. So here it goes -- I hope I write something of value, something that other's find worthwhile..